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What is Zenc Labs about?

Our mission is to fix programming.

It started from an observation: software engineers are constantly dealing with a myriad of different issues, be it syntax errors, confusing stack traces, complex refactors or setting up the boilerplate code for a new project. These issues are time sinks that drain the engineer's energy and take attention away from the actual software being built.

Our job at Zenc Labs is to continuously question the assumptions we make about the process of writing code, and offer innovative approaches to different aspects of software engineering.

In practice, we have two arms:

  • Exploratory research and prototyping: We build open-source tools and experimental prototypes.
  • Consultancy: We propose and implement creative solutions to help our customers' engineering teams thrive.

Why "Zenc"?

Zenc stands for "zen coding". It's also the shortest and least unpleasant domain name we could find.

What are you building?

We've been working on a few different projects covering a variety of topics:

  • Spot: A concise, developer-friendly way to describe your API contract (built in collaboration with Airtasker).
  • Proxay: A record/replay proxy server that helps you write faster and more reliable tests.
  • PR Monitor: A Chrome extension that notifies you when you receive a pull request on GitHub.
  • Visual: A visual, interactive code editor to make it easier to learn programming.
  • Bazel TS/JS: Bazel rules for TypeScript and JavaScript. The goal is to build and test modular React/Vue apps, sharing components across multiple projects easily (without NPM modules).
  • Code Review: An online code browser that lets you add comments anywhere in a Git repository. Useful for audits of large codebases.
  • Deploy: A step-by-step, open-source tool for easy Docker deployments to AWS.
  • Instant: An online code editor that runs JS as you type.

This list is current as of January 2019.

Who are you?

François Wouts

Founder / Lead engineer

Passionate software engineer, ex-Google tech lead, yogi and salsa dancer.

Where are you located?

We're in Sydney, Australia. The big island between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

How can I get in touch?

Send an email to hi@zenc.io or get in touch with François via LinkedIn.

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